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Shipping Policy

At this time we only ship within the continental USA.

You will receive a separate shipping invoice when it is time to ship your order (Pre-Orders). Your item(s) will be weighed to determine shipping charges once it is received by me.


Please ensure that your orders are correctly and properly addressed. Once an order has been shipped, we MUST wait until your order returns to our office location before it can be re-shipped. You will be charged a re-shipment fee according to the weight of your order. 


Once your order begins its journey toward its destination and tracking information is noted on your tracking number, we are no longer responsible if your package is lost, stolen, tampered with or damaged en route. If the tracking information you have received from us is not working, please contact us. However, if you are having difficulty locating your package or for any issues related to delivery, please contact the courier associated with your tracking number. We have listed the customer service number below to better assist you should that need ever arise. 

**Please ensure that your package is being delivered to a safe & secure location**

USPS - 1-800-275-8777