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Do you know what you're buying?

Jesika Reza

Posted on August 05 2018

Do you know what you're buying?

How do you know if you’re buying the original item or a cheaply made replica? Ever ordered something and it just isn’t what you thought it was? It looks nothing like the picture and runs 3 sizes to small! Today, I will tell you all a few things to look out for, so you don’t throw your money away! With online shopping becoming more and more popular its easy to get bamboozled!

#1: Websites to stay far away from!

There are several websites that look very appealing with their great photography, super cheap prices and free shipping worldwide! Well, what you are seeing 99% of the time are stolen photos from hardworking USA men and women, like you! Being in this industry for over a year now, I know some of the original designers of these items and they are being ripped off! Unfortunately, being that most of these companies are overseas, there is nothing they can do! Except, educate the consumer! Hence the reason of this blog today. Before I list some of these sites, please consider that although their prices may be appealing, the quality is not there, and you are not supporting the original creator by purchasing from them. Often these companies are remaking the original design with cheaply made fabrics, inks, and craftsmanship. If you ever want help finding the original you are more than welcome to reach out to me and I will help you. It’s much more beneficial to you, the creator and our economy by shopping local and shopping small!

Plus, many more!

 Id also like to point out to beware of eBay and Amazon! There are many sites like mentioned above who are selling on these platforms. Make sure you check out who you are buying from before completing that purchase!

#2 Facebook “Boutiques” AKA Buy-In Groups, Wholesale Groups, RTS groups, etc.

These groups are not legitimate businesses. They hurt the economy, small business and essentially your wallet. The “owners” of these groups often do not pay state and local taxes and are not a registered business. Pink Blossoms Boutique pays taxes and is registered. These groups also get most of their items from Chinese wholesalers that do not care about the quality or originality of the item you are purchasing. You will notice if you are in any of these groups most do not accept returns/refunds or exchanges and most times will not allow you to pay with PayPal because they know you can file a claim and get them in trouble for deceiving you.

These groups also hurt other small businesses more than you know. They are buying these poor-quality items from overseas at a fraction of the cost that us retailers actually buy the original at. They are then only adding a few dollars to the cost to make a quick buck. While these owners are over there trying to profit off your hard-earned money and then probably never be seen from again, we have overhead costs, taxes, supplies, legal fees, marketing, vendor fees, business subscriptions etc. all to ensure we are running a business that YOU will love and want to support.

Now don’t get me wrong, buying items from overseas it totally ok! I have manufactures and vendors that I use that deal with legitimate overseas manufactures. There is a huge difference though. These vetted vendors and manufactures have policies, regulations and standards in place to meet all necessary requirements for our customers. Whereas, others are producing counterfeit goods and half the time get seized by customs.

 #3 Real or fake? How can you tell?

I will go over a few things that can easily help you in determining if the item is the real one or a cheap fake.

First off, if you are dealing with your trusted boutique then you are probably in the clear. If you ever have any doubts though please message the owner and they should be willing to provide you with any information you need. I know I will.

I know a lot of people use Facebook, so I will show you some images from posts I have seen as examples. The photo below is a perfect example. You will notice all sizes are in centimeters, they do not allow PayPal they are closing over 25 items on the 12th! They do not care if these are quality items. They want you to buy so they can buy and ship it to you and take your money. Most of the 25 photos I browsed through on this post are stolen. Meaning what you are buying is NOT what you will be getting.

Look at this photo below. These photos are from very well-known boutiques. What you will be getting are not these dresses. The print will be off, the material not right, the fit will be too small.


#4 Final tips to get to know who you’re shopping from.

I know this has been a lot so far so I will wrap it up with a few things that you should look for when buying from someone.

Ask yourself these questions and if you can’t find the information or if it looks fishy, run!

  1. What is the return and shipping policy?
  2. Where are they shipping from? How long will it take?
  3. What payment methods do they accept?
  4. When you google them, what shows up?
  5. Does it seem too good to be true? When buying from a boutique you can expect to pay for a dress like the one pictured above for anywhere from $28-40! If its $12, trust your gut and don’t buy it.

Thank you for reading and I hope you got some little nugget from this. If you have any questions or any other helpful tips, comment them below! Also please join us over in our insiders group Pink Blossoms Boutique Insiders and continue the discussion or find your new favorite outfit!

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