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Are those hieroglyphics?

Jesika Reza

Posted on August 11 2018

Are those hieroglyphics?

So you just got an amazing new dress from your favorite little Boutique!! Yay! Don't you love new clothes! You got all dolled up in your new dress and go out for a lady’s night! Fun! Well, your BFF spills her drink all over your dress!

Oh no!... It's ok. Be cool, you can wash it when you get home! Fast forward! You are now standing in front of your washing machine half naked looking at the care tag in the dress scratching your head! What in the world are these crazy Egyptian looking symbols! How are you supposed to wash this dress?

Don't worry, today we are going to break down those crazy symbols, so you never have to stand in front of your washing machine half naked again!

Let's be honest for a sec, ok! How many of you actually pay attention to what the care tag says? Do you follow the instructions or does everything go in at once while you say, "may the strongest survive!"?!

Now I'll be honest. In the past I did the 2nd option! Mostly because I HAD NO CLUE what all those symbols meant! I am glad I do now! My clothes last 10x longer than before! Most still look AH-mazing! No pilling, no fraying, no weird shrinkage or crinkles! Who would of thought! Ok let's get down to the nitty gritty!

This information and graphics come from

First up! Washing instructions! Hot? Cold? Both? Neither? What do these symbols mean?


Is that the Bermuda triangle? No this actually means bleach!


To throw in the dryer or not to throw in the dryer?!


Do people still iron?! Haha!


I remember going to the cleaners every weekend to pick up my dad's work shirts... heavily starched! Stiff as a board!


That's it! Have you seen any of these symbols on your clothes? Any that you have seen but are not here? Let me know! I hope this helps you care for your items and makes them last a lot longer! No one wants to buy things and them not last, right!?

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